Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Funny signs and sights from my travels

Only none of these is funny intentionally. (Except the meme-added one.)

 Move along, Burton, McGraw, and Tebow.

Finally someone has the courage to defy our 24/7 culture.

 But it won’t close, right? 
This is crazy enough already.

 This hotel caters to telepaths.

 I don’t want to smell like any of that, 
nor do I think one actually can.

It’s not brutal. It’s just German.

One glazed, one powdered, and one lobster-filled with rainbow sprinkles, please.

I think you are confusing that with a disco.

No, really, I insist...on not taking it anyway. (WA)

As if there is a gift besides cheese. (WI, of course)

But until first grade, decaf only.

Is there a kind of panic that would allow one to see the escape route sign 
but not the door that is literally two feet away? (DC)

Maybe rearrange.

What makes you think I don’t already have one? (UT)

I hope no surgeon I ever need shops here. (CT)

 Then I will just wait outside with the other humans. (IA)

 Pilgrim selfie (in a painting in a Westport, CT school).

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