Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sister Christian, oh the time has come…

…to meet in person.

On my pre-Comic-Con stopover in Los Angeles, on 7/21/14, I had the pleasure of chatting in person with two of the stars of round 2 of my “girl in the video” interview series.

The first was Karen Peterson Matchinga, but our time was so limited and conversation so nice that we forgot to take a photo. She’s generous and compassionate—truly a pleasure. You may hear more about her here as her works-in-progress take shape.

The second was Macha Bennet-Shephard, AKA Sister Christian, a week to the day that her interview posted to enthusiastic response. Macha is also an absolute delight. Grounded, interested, intelligent—and a good mom, too. (I can say that because I saw it; she brought her 9-year-old son, who impressed me by, among other things, ordering a salad.)

Macha and me

Getting an engaging interview out of someone can be a good challenge. Getting a friend out of an engaging interview is a good fortune.


Jody Hadden said...

You two look cute together! :)
Thanks for the interview! I am a HUGE night ranger fan and always wondered about sister Christian/the girl in when you close your eyes. ..I knew they were the same and thought cuz she was in two videos she must be a relative or girl friend! Thanks for all the info macha and much happiness to you in your future! Ps... your son is adorable!

Mike B said...

Very cool article. I love Night Ranger and was a teenager when MTV was hot and still really Music Television. If I was home, it was on the TV. I really enjoyed the interview. Seems like she really has her life in order and stays away from drama and chaos at all costs. Now, I will go and read your other interviews. Thanks!

Ananya said...

You're like Randy Pausch's doppleganger in how much stuff you get done in life others dream of.

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