Sunday, November 22, 2009

The last issue of Nickelodeon Magazine

Number of years in print: 16
Number of years I freelanced for Nick: 7
Number of times I tried to break in before I was given the chance: 3
Number of months that took: 12
Number of final issue: 159
Number of the page with a tiny excerpt from one of my pieces: 29 (about pirates)
Number of kids disappointed that this is it: tens of thousands including some you know
Number of Nick Mag staff who will go on to even greater greatness: all of them

Show of hands: who thinks Nick should convert its sixteen-year inventory of content (most of which is already in compact form) into iPhone apps?

Yes, it certainly was, even from way out where I sat.


rozrs said...

Very nice. You rock, MTN!

Julie said...

Number of times I could read nice tributes like this one: infinite
Thanks, MTN. You sure got Nick Mag.

Carmen said...

Thanks for all the great words in this blog post and that you wrote for Nick Mag, MTN!

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